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Beat-Stream was a personal project that I have been wanting to do for a long time. Having the ability to listen to any song I want wherever I am was something I wanted but didnt want to pay for Spotify or Apple Music. Being a programmer, this was a fairly easy idea to tackle and only took me about a week to perfect the entire system.

What exactly is Beat-Stream and what does it do?

Beat-Stream is an app that that is similar to apps like Spotify or Apple Music. It allows you to search for artists and songs, and then stream any song to your device. It works anywhere you have an internet connection; wifi, 3G, 4G, I have tested all of them and it works fantastic. Please make sure that your data plan is adequate if you plan to use this on data as the MP3 files that are streamed are on average about 5MB per song. Like I said above, this app was designed for myself so it is designed for the iPhone 6. Anything lower than an iPhone 6 in terms of screen size will still work but the layout might not be correct.

What doesn't the app do? (yet)

How does it work?

The way the App works is much like the way most people already get their MP3's - search YouTube, download the MP3 from a Youtube-MP3 website and thats it. I use this same process but make it all work behind the scenes. You simply search for a song by artist or song name, make a song selection, the App backend searches YouTube for a relevant source video and then a third party YouTube-MP3 website is used to get the MP3 file. The MP3 is downloaded to the App backend and then the MP3 file is streamed to your device.


I'm not a lawyer, but this is the same thing as having your music library on your computer. This is not designed to work like Spotify where other people are using the same music library, this is meant for YOU to use for yourself. With that being said, this is no different than what you already do to get your music. The only difference is your music is stored on YOUR website instead of your device or computer.

What does this cost and how can I use it?

Im making this freely available to everyone. This was mostly a learning project for me as well as something that I wanted to use for myself. It has turned out to work great so giving it to others to use only seemed right.

Because it was designed for really just my use, this isnt going to be useful to everyone. There are some technical requirements in order to use this and I will do my best to outline them so that as many people as possible can use this.

What you'll need:

Thats all the basic info! Below is a technical information section that goes over more detailed information


Technical Information


Web Hosting Requirements/Info

Like most apps, this app requires a backend to operate. The backend is tasked with returning search results to the app, downloading and then streaming MP3 files to your device and keeping track of your music library. This task may seem difficult if you have no experience with websites at all but it is really as simple as uploading files and following a few simple steps to create a database.

Important! Just because this app is free, it is not nessecarily free to operate it. Web hosting is generally not free (it is cheap though) but there are free options out there. My company Ambient Wave does offer web hosting for $5/mo ;) The best web hosting plans for this apps backend will be something with unlimited monthly bandwidth (data) to download the MP3's from YouTube and stream them to your device(s). Disk space is also important but the App backend will be updated soon with a "shared hosting mode" that will make it operate differently in a disk-limited environment.


ATTENTION! The steps that are labled as "optional" above and below are optional because the features will work out-of-the-box but you may want to use your own keys for both YouTube and the search service. The keys provided with the backend are my own keys and if everyone were to use them, errors would start to pop up saying too many requests are being sent. Using your own key will ensure that only your activity is counted towards these services and you wont run into problems.

Steps for setting up on your web hosting
  1. First get web hosting. Set it up on your computer (advanced), use my company, or use your preferred web hosting provider.
  2. Download the App backend zip file from GitHub.
  3. Upload the ZIP file to a separate folder on your web hosting and unzip the ZIP file
  4. Optional: Create a new Google API Project as well as an API key for accessing YouTube
    • In the top left beside Google APIs, click the dropdown and select New Project
    • Enter a name and push Create. With your new project selected, click "Credentials" on the left
    • Push the Create Credentials dropdown and select API Key. Copy the value from the input and then push Close.
    • Open the server_settings.php file with any text editor and paste the API key value in the place of the current value of $youtube_API_key
    • Save the file and make sure it is re-uploaded/pushed to the web server
  5. Optional: Get a API Account for searching for artists/songs in the app.
    • Click Get an API Account in the top-ish right
    • Follow the steps to create the account
    • Your API key will be displayed on the page once your account is created
    • Open the server_settings.php file with any text editor and paste the API key value in the place of the current value of $lastfm_API_key
    • Save the file and make sure it is re-uploaded/pushed to the web server
  6. Create a new MySQL database, and copy the contents of the .sql file included in the ZIP and execute the code through something like phpMyAdmin (if you dont know how to do this, Google it)
  7. Open the server_settings.php file with any text editor and update the database settings to your newly created database. Save the file and make sure it is re-uploaded/pushed to the web server.
  8. Thats it! You'll want to open your app now and when prompted, type out or paste the url to the app backend files. If you created a "musicapp" folder on your website, the url will be

The steps above should only take about 2 minutes to complete if you're familiar with web hosting. If you're not, Google is your friend. My best advice would be to get web hosting that uses the cPanel control panel. Its by far the easiest control panel to use if you're new to websites.

This app is meant to be released "as is" and because its free, I cant provide support for it. I am happy to help out if there are questions with getting this working but please make every attempt to try to get this working on your own before you contact me with questions. You can find my email address on the contact page.